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History of Huta „ANDRZEJ” S.A.

1836 - on the left riverside of Mała Panew count Andrzej Maria Renard founded the steelworks which was named Zawadzky-Werk - after its first general agent and administrator Franz von Zawadzky.
July 1st 1941 - the Steelworks changed the name into „AndreasHutte” (Huta „ANDRZEJ”).
1954 - Ministry of Metallurgy changed the name of the Steelworks into „Huta im. Gen. Karola Świerczewskiego”.
1961-65 - in the Steelworks was built new Tube Plant which contains Rolling Mill and Drawing Mill.
January 1st 1990 - after the workers' referendum the Ministry of Industry restored the name: Huta „ANDRZEJ”
April 1st 1996 - transformation of state owned enterprise Huta „ANDRZEJ” into a single-ownership, state owned, joint-stock company Huta „ANDRZEJ” S.A.
1990-2000 - in nineties Huta „ANDRZEJ” S.A. became a group with subsidiary companies and concentrated business on making steel seemless tubes.
May 1999 - modernization of Rolling Mill, new stretch reducing mill, sizing mill and rotary saw were installed.
2000 - Huta „ANDRZEJ” S.A. has entered into GCB Centrostal Bydgoszcz Group.

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